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Hi there, I'm Zareen. Thank you for visiting my shop! 


I ventured into ceramics at a time in my life when I was seeking out a new way of living. Moving to The Netherlands from our home in Washington DC with my young family a few years ago created a world of change, excitement and adventure, and one we have whole-heartedly embraced. Managing a corporate career over multiple timezones  posed some logistical challenges with balance and ultimately it turned out to not be right anymore. Sometime around then, by pure chance, I discovered the world of pottery. I expect I'll never turn back. Ceramics has brought me intrigue, and yet it is calming, fulfilling, joyful work that's helped me rediscover a long lost artistic side of myself. Fired Up Ceramica is my step forward settling into Dutch life and a venture into making this a sustainable part of my life and future.


Every clay pot, plate, cup, cheese board, or assorted trinket on these pages is made with absolute care, quality, and patience. I love everything about clay and the peace and tranquility it brings me as I create each piece. I believe that same peace and tranquility are transferred into my work and into the homes of my customers.


I hope you enjoy this website and find something you'd like to take home.

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